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Key facts about King Egbert (Ecgberht) who was born c, reigned ( - ) including biography, historical timeline and links to the British royal family tree. Died ‎: ‎. Linus Roache stars as King Ecbert in HISTORY's series Vikings. Find out more about King Ecbert and the rest of the cast on HISTORY. King Ecbert was the worldly and ambitious King of Wessex and Mercia, whose formative years were spent in the court of the Emperor Charlemagne. Season/s ‎: ‎ 2 ‎, ‎ 3 ‎, ‎ 4. When the vikings return to England, they sup with King Ecbert with whom they are now amicable. Wessex was attacked by the Hwicce, under ealdorman Ethelmund the Hwicce had originally formed a separate tribal kingdom, but by that time formed part of Mercia. Retrieved 1 September Im Eintrag zum Jahr verzeichnet die Angelsächsische Chronik , dass die Menschen im Südosten Egberts Herrschaft akzeptierten, da er ungerecht von dort vertrieben worden war. Although nothing is known of any other claimants to the throne, it is likely that there were other surviving descendants of Cerdic the supposed progenitor of all the kings of Wessex who might have contended for the kingdom. The consequences of Ellandun went beyond the immediate loss of Mercian power in the southeast.

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The Anglo Saxon Invasion - History of Britain (BBC Documentary) The Vikings , Danish and Norwegian raiders, had first ravaged the shores of England in , recorded in a dramatic entry in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: Wessex retained control of the south-eastern kingdoms, with the possible exception of Essex, and Mercia did not regain control of East Anglia. Dunstan and Ethelwold of Winchester were inaugurating their church reforms, Saint Swithun was adopted as patron of the restored church at Winchester. Fletcher assumes that Egbert spent essentially all Beorhtric's reign in Francia; see Fletcher, Who's Who , p. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. Ivar doesn't seem like he's in the business of sparing. He kicked out the Vikings and united England. Create your own and start something epic. Authority control WorldCat Identities VIAF: Allowing Wiglaf no time for preparation, Egbert hastily advanced into Mercia and expelled him from the kingdom, making himself ruler of all of England south of the Humber. Dunstan and Ethelwold of Winchester were inaugurating their church reforms, Saint Swithun was adopted as patron of the restored church at Winchester. According to a later chronicler, William of Malmesbury , Egbert learned the arts of government during his time in Gaul. Create your own and start something epic. More than a hundred years later, when St. Ragnar promises that his sons will not attack Wessex. The Celts of Cornwall and Devon , known to the Saxons as Wilisc men i. Royal Line of Succession.

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This page was last edited on 6 July , at Prior to Egbert's reign, Kent, with the see of Canterbury, as well as London, was under the control of Mercia. Despite the loss of dominance, Egbert's military successes fundamentally changed the political landscape of Anglo-Saxon England. I think he is reconciling with his flaws and accepting his imperfections, especially after his son advised to get the army ready for an imminent attack, he opposes the idea, then retracts what he said and agrees with his son. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5. Praying alone in a church he is shown speaking to God that he has no fear of going to hell or sacrifice everyone else close to him to achieve his goals. This marked the high point of Egbert's influence. Edit Photos There may be more photos available for this character. Carolingian support may have been one of superslots de factors that helped Egbert achieve the military successes of the late s. Swithin is celebrated on 15th July. Later casino spiele mit spielgeld year Egbert received the submission of the Northumbrian king at Dore. Ecbert appreciates that the Roman gods allowed them rule the world and grasps the implications of that notion. Navigation Hauptseite Themenportale Von A bis Z Zufälliger Artikel.

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